To potentially inquire please email with the following included in your email:

  • design description (would you like your piece in color or black?)
  • design size and placement (include approximate size; 5x5, 8x10, etc.)
  • applicable reference photos attached
  • a picture of the area on your body you want tattooed

After you have done this you will recieve a response as soon as possible up within a month in acceptance of your project or a polite decline. If your project is accepted you will recieve a time estimate for your piece/ what the service you will select when booking online. 

I'm currently not taking on any restorations, cover-ups, smaller scale pieces, and will not work over another artist's work. 



If you'd like to meet in person for a consultation to chat about ideas before your appointment rather than consulting by email, you still must follow all of the above instructions. You will have access to booking a consultation when booking online. You can book a consultation without booking an appointment. If you book both your consultation and your appointment at the same time you MUST make sure your consultation is AT LEAST ONE WEEK before your actual tattoo appointment. (I will need time to draw your piece). 

I use an online booking process that gives you access to my availablity at your own leisure. You will have option of selecting multiple time frames, a touch up, or a consultation. The minimum amount of time you can select for a tattoo appointment is 2 hours. If I quote you a longer time frame than you're comfortable sitting for, you can split your piece up into sessions by booking multiple sessions. If you book sessions, you MUST leave THREE WEEKS of healing time between each session.


If your piece is estimated to take 5 hours, you can split up your piece by booking two separate 2.5 hour sessions.

If your piece is estimated to take 20 hours, you can split up your piece by booking four separate 5 hour sessions. 

If your piece is estimated to take within 5-7 hours you will select the "all day" appointment if you want to do it all in one day. 


I review every booking request and will give you a confirmation if the date you selected can work. 

To book an appointment you are required to put down a $200 deposit that goes toward the cost of your tattoo and holds your slot. Once you submit you requested appointment date and it's confirmed, I will send you an invoice for $200 that will need to be paid to hold the appointment slot.

If you try to book with me before emailing me with your ideas and recieving my approval of your project, you will not be able to book online until doing so.

I tattoo only on Wednesday-Friday, and answer emails and draw on Monday and Tuesday. You can check my availability and book online by clicking the button here:

Thank you so much for your support. I appreciate you!